St Michael Investigations is the expert you can rely on when you want to have proof of infidelity or evidence of innocence. Check out the things we can do for you to help out in getting all the answers you are looking for.


Our team is the best when it comes to monitoring. We can obtain the proof you need by making sure that we discretely monitor the things that your partner is doing.

Legal Proof

We understand that if worse comes to worst, the information you have can be used in court. Through us, you can be assured that all documents we will provide you are legally obtained so there would not be a problem when there is a need for you to use in court.


We are the most credible firm that you can get in the industry. The information we deliver is all based on facts because we value the integrity of our services to all our clients. People seek for our help to get answers. What we do is find it no matter how hard and challenging it is.

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